I just want to hug you

I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the times they have told me (really) do what you want Lily, whatever you feel, we fully trust you.
These words are the best that an artist can hear and that is why I feel from the first day that this has been a mural that I have loved and enjoyed 100%. Thank you @mi_trestorres for turning our dear @novalianca_lleida into what we needed so much, for recovering it with so much sensitivity and respect for Lleida
. . . . . . . . .
This work is born from a conversation with a great person, @gabimaginebcn, who, speaking of Covid19, explained to me his experience as a doctor regarding the kindness and joint work that he has observed in our society, the healthcare professionals, but also in the primary sector, many who have exposed themselves and risked from the first day for a common good, making an act of humanity and altruism. His words inspired me to speak of this collective goodness and transform it into what I know we all want to do when all this ends … EMBRACE those we love.
Embracing is not cultural, it is one of the most human and universal gestures to talk about love. And in this case, in this hug the peace of meeting again is also represented.
This work is dedicated to all of you, health workers, farmers, cashiers, gardeners, delivery men, to all … To your kindness and the inexhaustible strength that has been demonstrated.

And you … Alex, and your father @gabimaginebcn to make it happen.

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