EOI, my first commission in my city

Today I made the most of the day, it has not rained, it has not been wind, the steady pace and the normality are already beginning. The sketch is done, tomorrow I begin to color one of the most perfect walls I have ever intervened … It's great! And it's in…

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IIT Tech Fest Bombay

This is the work I did in Bombay for 2 days and half at the @techfest_iitbombay University for the most important annual technology event in Asia. When the campus students contacted me, they wanted a piece of work that talked about the current and future situation in the technological field, as well as…

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Llar de Sant Josep

Well, after seven days ends the mural that I made in the San José nursing home in Lleida, the city where I was born. A different mural, with a large part of me and the users of the Home, in equal parts.This is what we wanted, that they were part, somehow…

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