La Magda és una nena lliure, tant bonica i silvestre com una rosella. Ella gaudeix amb els altres nens i li agrada estar envoltada de gent, però no li fa res estar sola. Els primers dies de calor forta, molt d'hora ella s'aixeca a buscar flors en un cistella de la…

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I just want to hug you

I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the times they have told me (really) do what you want Lily, whatever you feel, we fully trust you.These words are the best that an artist can hear and that is why I feel from the first day that this…

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EOI, my first commission in my city

Today I made the most of the day, it has not rained, it has not been wind, the steady pace and the normality are already beginning. The sketch is done, tomorrow I begin to color one of the most perfect walls I have ever intervened … It's great! And it's in…

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